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What is a Breakfast Island?

Breakfast island, kitchen island, kitchen furniture, breakfast bar, whatever you want to call it, all refer to one thing: it is a free-standing counter, usually right in the kitchen. Since it is not attached to anything except the floor, it allows you to have access from all sides... you can walk all around it, sit and eat where you want, and prepare meals.

A breakfast island is usually taller than your typical table as it is meant for people who are standing while doing work, or sitting on a bar stool to eat or visit. The more completely-equipped breakfast islands, with sinks, cutting boards and even stoves and ovens, can serve as an extra work space for food preparation, and the large open counter space can serve for any other activities. And breakfast islands are usually made with craftsmanship so they make an added attractive decoration to your kitchen.
     Below: a variety of different breakfast island types, ranging from tiny humble table-like islands, to rustic types, to large, fully-equipped and modernish versions.

Breakfast Island types

You can have it as plain as a simple table or as elaborate as having it built with running water and electricity. It is a perfect area to have a quick breakfast and late night snacks, or any meal. As a host, you can also serve guests in the kitchen by letting them help themselves on the the food that is on the kitchen island. It makes a handy gathering and nibbing spot, keeping guests out of the way of your whirlwind cooking while still keeping them close enough for intimate visiting even while you're working. Around those nice aromas and culinary sights, it makes a cozy spot for warm conversations. Making use of a breakfast bar when entertaining provides an informal and comfortable atmosphere.

This is one of the most versatile furniture pieces that you can have in your kitchen. Plus, with the many varieties available in the market, you wouldn't have any problems fitting it into your kitchen, design- wise and space- wise. The humble breakfast island is a helper and a comfort spot, all rolled into a tight, pretty little block in your kitchen.